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Notices to Airmen

The NOTAM module has automated International and National NOTAM Office functions like NOTAM creation, storage, distribution and retrieval in full compliance with ICAO standards. It covers NOTAM, ASHTAM, ANM, AIM, and CRAM and assists in harmonizing NOTAM formats. Specific NOTAM formats are also supported.

Pre-Flight Information Bulletin Portal

The PIB Bulletin Portal solution creates standard bulletins and summaries based on FIRs, aerodromes, routes, polygons, restrictive airspaces, levels, time and all parameters known from the NOTAM Q line. This provides minimized PIBs with 4-dimensional contents directly related to a flight. It excludes non relevant NOTAM and can take advantage of update service and scheduler functionalities.

Data Origination Portal

The AIM Portal supports the ICAO uninterrupted electronic data chain for data origination and publication. It provides a platform for integrating all information, functions, processes and aeronautical data chain stakeholders across organizational boundaries via web based interface, taking into account the ICAO collect, collate, and provide functions of Annex 15

Aeronautical Process and Workflow

The Aeronautical Process and Workflow Engine is designed to support the workflow process of receiving, approving and publishing Aeronautical data. Our workflow ensures that the raw data received is assessed, approved and stored in a predetermined sequence and that all actions are legally recorded.

Aeronautical Database

The Aeronautical Database is the solution for collecting all necessary data for PBN, Procedure Design (ICAO PANS-OPS, FAA TERPS), Terrain Data, Obstacle Data, Aerodrome Mapping Data (AMDB), NOTAM Management, publication of AIP and related publications as well as aeronautical maps. The Aeronautical Database storage capabilities comprise full AIXM 5.1 data contents including AMDB and ARINC 424 instrument procedure encoding.

Aeronautical Charting

The solution for aeronautical maps and charts production covers the entire chart publication lifecycle from chart definition and automated generation to change detection, update and printable output creation for all Annex 4 and customized charts.

Aeronautical Publications and Handbooks

The Aeronautical Publications and Handbooks solution provides integrated quality process management for the publishing of AIP, AIP Amendment, AIP Supplement, AIC and other ATC, AIM and Aerodrome Manuals. The system is designed to help in making changes easy, clear to spot and fast to publish.

Aeronautical Dataset Export/Import

The uninterrupted electronic aeronautical data chain requires structured data on data exchange points so that the next intended user is able to check the received data. The Aeronautical Dataset Export/Import supports this requirement in a full transparent manner based on service level agreements between data exchange parties. Various formats are available for this, including full AIXM 5.1 and customer defined formats.